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From Slavery to Settler Colonisation

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The Women of Pearling Monument seeks to honour the contribution of women to the pearling industry and to acknowledge the Aboriginal women who were exploited as divers.

Telling Human Stories With Time-Layered Cultural Map

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Charting the journeys from the Caribbean to Western Australia of four figures with ties to British slavery.

Deny and Disavow: Distancing the Imperial Past from the Culture Wars

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Congratulations to Professor Alan Lester, Partner Investigator on the publication of his latest book.

Launch of special issue of Australian Journal of Biography and History

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Malcolm Allbrook, Editor of the Australian Journal of Biography and History speaks at the launch of the special issue, with Dr Georgina Arnott, co-editor of the special issue.

Special Issue of Australian Journal of Biography and History

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'Writing Slavery into Biography: Australian Legacies of British Slavery'

History Workshop Blogpost: Slavery and Australian Colonisation, Jane Lydon

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This short 'companion' essay accompanies the special History Workshop Journal Feature: LEGACIES OF SLAVE OWNERSHIP.

Commemorating James Stirling

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Listen to 'Commemorating James Stirling' created by Dr Georgina Arnott, Postdoctoral Fellow

Professor Zoe Laidlaw in conversation with Professor Len Collard

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Places and their names can be very meaningful to the people connected to them. But what happens when some in a community are uncomfortable with a historical figure or association a place is named for, or feel that different aspects of history should be honoured? Many communities around Australia, and the world, are grappling with this right now. Listeners and experts share their thoughts on …

The Conversation Friday Essay: Beyond ‘statue shaming’ — grappling with Australia’s legacies of slavery

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A new series on slavery's Australian legacies was launched on July 9 with Jane Lydon and Zoe Laidlaw's Friday essay "Beyond 'statue shaming' — grappling with Australia's legacies of slavery". This initiates a new series in The Conversation to run over the next few years.